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Michael D. Stroup
Professor of Economics

Nelson Rusche College of Business

Box 13009, SFA Station
Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3009

Office: 392 McGee Bldg.

Phone:   936-468-1836

e-mail: mstroup@sfasu.edu

Michael D. Stroup
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MBA Program Information

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Intriguing Quotes in Economic Literature:

"Capitalism lacks romantic appeal. It does not send the pulse racing in the way that opposing ideologies like socialism, fascism or environmentalism can. It does not stir the blood, for it identifies no dragons to slay... It is quite the opposite with socialism. Where capitalism delivers but cannot inspire, socialism inspires but cannot deliver. Socialism's history is littered with repeated failures and human misery on a massive scale, yet it attracts smiles rather than curses from people who have never lived under it."

-- Peter Saunders, Policy (2007)